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It was Tadolini who later made the various replicas of the work: at least five, including the one in the Villa Carlotta. Then Cupido, guided by his mother, opened his quiver and of all his thousand arrows selected one, the sharpest and the surest, the arrow most obedient to the bow, and bent the pliant horn against his knee and shot the barbed shaft deep in Dis' [Haides'] heart. The poet Hesiod first represents him as a primordial deity who emerges self-born at the beginning of time to spur procreation. Jealous and infuriated by such blasphemy, Venus, goddess of Beauty, ordered her son Cupid to avenge her by making Psyche enamored of the lowest of all human beings. Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. Ovid, Metamorphoses 1.
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The Real Story of Cupid: God of Love, Attraction, and Man in a Diaper

Then Dionysos saw the girl swimming in the water bareskin, and his mind was shaken with sweet madness by the fiery shaft. One of the most popular myths about Eros involves his relationship with the mortal princess Psyche. Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3. A statue of Eros is perched above central London's Piccadilly Circus. This takes the form of various potentially deadly tasks such as dropping by to get some beauty lotion from Persephone in the Underworld, and, oh, while you're out, Psyche, could you pick up some bottled water from the River of the Dead the Styx?
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Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss | Musée du Louvre

In early Greek poetry and art, Eros was depicted as an adult, handsome male carrying a lyre or a bow and arrow. In fact I am so worn out by his naughtiness that I have half a mind to break his bow and wicked arrows in his very sight, remembering how he threatened me with them in one of his moods. On the right, two Erotes with their arms around each others shoulder. The parentage of the second Eros is very differently described, for he is called a son of Aphrodite either Aphrodite Urania or Aphrodite Pandemos , or Polymnia, or a son of Porus and Penia, who was begotten on Aphrodite's birthday. That gear becomes my shoulders best. Or I will leave my arrows and the fiery belt of my quiver, I will lash Phoibos Phoebus [Apollon] a willing victim with cords of laurel leaves, holding him bound in a belt of speaking iris. Sappho of Lesbos wrote many poems about Eros, but they are not consistent.
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EROS was the mischievous god of love, a minion and constant companion of the goddess Aphrodite. Figures of Eros have known to have appeared in twos and threes, referred to as the Erotes, and they are symbolic of the different forms love can take. One with a barbed golden tip to make people fall in love, and one with a lead, or silver, blunted tip to make someone fall out of love, or even hate a person. His arrows are of different power: some are golden, and kindle love in the heart they wound; others are blunt and heavy with lead, and produce aversion to a lover. The two luminaries I will drag down from heaven to be drudges in Paphos, and give my mother for a servant Phaethon [Helios the Sun] with Klymene Clymene [his wife], Selene [the Moon] with Endymion [her husband], that all may know that I vanquish all things! Once Dione [Venus-Aphrodite], in flight from terrible Typhon [Typhoeus] when Jupiter [Zeus] armed in heaven's defence , reached the Euphrates with tiny Cupidos Cupid [Eros] in tow and sat by the hem of Palestine's stream.
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